Astun Technology Appointed to LASA and G-Gloud Local Authority Frameworks

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The System: One Step Back, Three Steps Forward


Galileo IOV Bird Mute; New Draft ICD; CS Proved; Late August Launch

Orbiting in silence since an onboard power mishap on May 27, troubled E20 emitted cheeps from space on August 6, 7, and 8, broadcasting on the L1 frequency. Nothing has been heard since.

Meanwhile, the European Commission (EC) published a new draft version of the Galileo Open Service Signal in Space Interface Control Document (OS SIS ICD), issue 1, revision 2, on June 30. It is available for download and comment, the latter period extending to September 22. The EC’s open public consultation process

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URISA Vanguard Cabinet Seeks Young GIS Practitioners

URISA has announced the availability of the 2015 Vanguard Cabinet application. The Vanguard Cabinet (VC) is a URISA initiative which debuted in 2011 to engage young GIS practitioners (35 and under), increase their numbers in the organisation, and better understand the concerns facing these future leaders of the GIS community. The Cabinet’s mission is to collaborate with URISA’s board of directors and committees in creating and promoting programs and policies of benefit to young professionals.

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The best of Google Earth for August, 2014


August saw a number of data updates from Google including new Street View imagery in Indonesia and Cambodia, and satellite imagery from around the globe. The launch by DigitalGlobe of their WorldView-3 satellite, and subsequent release of its first images, means the future of satellite imagery looks bright.

Here are some of my favorite stories of the month:

We told you about how Ian Brown at Google Sightseeing shows off the ten tallest statues in the world.

Four of the ten have 3D models in Google Earth

We also showcased CityRealty who have made impressive use

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iXBlue exhibits at 2014 Oceanology International China, 3-5 Sept

iXBlue exhibits navigation, acoustic, and imaging products at 2014 Oceanology International China.

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Satellite Imagery Company DMCii Invests in Data Centre

DMC International Imaging (DMCii), the global satellite imagery products and services provider, have made major improvements to their data centre, involving a full internal upgrade of processing systems. Over five billion square km of data, the equivalent of ten times the Earth’s surface, is under management in DMCii’s new virtualised environment.

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ORIGIN PC Launches the First 8-core Intel Core i7 Extreme Processor

New Intel® Core™ i7 “Haswell-E” Processors on New X99 Chipset Now Available on All ORIGIN PC GENESIS and MILLENNIUM …

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Interview with Patrick McLoughlin, Marketing & Technical Consultant at Spatial Systems Associate at the 2014 Esri User Conference

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Playas and Wetlands of the Southern Ogallala Aquifer Data Released

Southern Ogallala Aquifer Playa and Wetlands Geodatabase

A new web resource from Texas Tech University of playas and wetlands for the southern High Plains region of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico offers a wide variety of spatial data on this key resource and region. The playa and wetlands GIS data are available for download here, including shapefile, geodatabase, and layer package formats. The data include 64,726 wetland features, of which 21,893 are identified as playas and another 14,455 as unclassified wetlands; in other words, they appear to be a playa but have no evidence of a hydric soil.

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Government IT Security and Risk Management (GovSec)

Government IT Security and Risk Management (GovSec)

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Operational Cooperation with US on Space Situational Awareness

Operational Cooperation with US on Space Situational Awareness

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Unlocking Local Government Spatial Data

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First Worldview-3 images with 40 cm resolution available for download

Digital Globe’s WorldView-3 Earth observation satellite was launched August 13, the first commercial Atlas mission to fly out of Vandenberg. WorldView-3 is the first multi-payload, super-spectral, one-foot-resolution commercial satellite. It is intended to operate at an altitude of 617 km and can collect up to 680,000 km² per day. WorldView-3 is capable of

  • 31 cm panchromatic resolution
  • 1.24 m multispectral resolution (8 bands)
  • 3.7 m short-wave infrared resolution (8 bands)
  • 30 m Clouds, Aerosols, Vapors, Ice, and Snow (CAVIS) resolution (12 bands)

with an average revisit time of less than 1 day. Digital Globe has received permission from the

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4D Fun – Holy Roller Coasters, Batman the Ride!

TweetCoasters have gone 4D according to Six Flags as the latest addition to the thrill rides at Six Flag in Texas comes via Batman the Ride… Woohoo, buckle in!

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Esri Business Analyst 10.2.2 General Patch 2

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Doors to Opportunity Opened for Esri UC Student Assistant

By Guest Blogger Lauren, Student at Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS)

If I could sum up my week in one word, it would be opportunity. The Esri User Conference Student Assistantship Program provided so many opportunities during the conference, and it truly becomes what you make of it. The choices I made during the week will have a long term effect, and seeking every opportunity possible opened many doors.

I first met some other student assistants for breakfast on Friday morning, thanks to the connections made through a Facebook group. Connecting with other students before working together allowed for a more relaxed

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Hard-Won Experience: Lessons from America's Biggest Disasters and Emergencies

Public officials share lessons learned before and after emergencies.

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Sentinel-1 – Earth's topography as a coloured pattern

Scientists at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have created the first interferogram from the Sentinel-1A satellite radar data – showing the topography of Earth as a coloured pattern

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Out in Front: 25 Years Young

Alan Cameron

Alan Cameron

When I was a young man, the moment seemed like all there was, all there needed to be. Why plan? Why reflect? The days were just packed.

Once I turned 25 — or somewhere around there — intimations dawning of my own mortality, I began to look both forward and back. It seemed like a good idea, perhaps even an important one, to draw from my own history, good and bad, and use that perspective to start building a more informed, more mapped-out future.

That’s what the Special Section accompanying this issue is all about. So much goes on at all

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GeoDecisions Relocates in the Show-Me State

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